Graduated from ESMA Montpellier in 2010 with the title of 'Concepteur 3D' / Co-director of the short movie ‘Mytho Logique'

I have animated on a series of commercials in Glasgow and on a new animated movie from Russia which included eight months work with a team in Jakarta; I also continued working on the film as a remote animator until early January 2014.

Looking for a job as an animator but also interested in short assignments in other aspects of productions in companies looking for generalists. I am bilingual and speak English and French fluently.  I also have a good notion of German and a basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish. I am a fast learner and pick up new languages very quickly.

I am interested in all forms of communication be it spoken languages, writing, music, art, body language, computer language, DNA, in fact anything that conveys a message! ¬†This is what has attracted me to cinema, CGI and in particular animation. I first became interested in 3D animation when I saw Spielberg’s original ‘Jurassic Park’ movie when I was still a young child. It seemed amazing to my young mind that these long gone giants could be brought back to life by some "tricks of magic" done on a computer. However my youthful fascination has now evolved into a far deeper understanding of all the many processes involved in 3D animation.